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Why Choose NeuroActiv6

100% Natural
100% Natural

We are proud to announce that NeuroActiv6, a gluten-free supplement, is 100% natural and non-GMO. 

Made In USA
Made In USA

The NeuroActiv6 nutritional supplement is produced in an American facility. 

FDA Approved
FDA Approved

NeuroActiv6 has been manufactured in a FDA-registered facility that adheres to FDA regulations.

GMP Certified
GMP Certified

This product is certified to Good Manufacturing Practices. 

NeuroActiv6 Reviews

Grace J. Wyoming, USA
Grace J. Wyoming, USA

"Since ages I have been searching for a natural way to enhance my brain. All of us thought that we made the right choice. My wife and children also tried it. My husband and I both noticed that we have lost weight along with the other things." 

Horace M. New York, USA
Horace M. New York, USA

"This product should be in every home! I've noticed that my memory has improved! Even though I haven't finished the first bottle yet, I can already see so many changes!" 

Doris C. Fresno CA
Doris C. Fresno CA

"After taking NeuroTonix regularly, I can remember even the names of the characters in the soap operas that my wife watches!" 

What is NeuroActiv6?


NeuroActiv6 is a natural brain superfood that has been designed to nourish the brain, improve mood and increase energy.

The NeuroActiv6 formula is a natural combination of potent substances and nutrients that assist the brain, such as polyphenol.

It also reduces cortisol and stress and promotes healthy neuronal connections. The formula contains a combination of powerful substances and nutrients that support the brain.

NaturalCell Supplements Company, a well-known company, creates the supplements with safe and precise guidelines.

It adheres to high safety standards and uses nutrients that have been proven by FDA and GMP facilities.

As prescribed, you can mix a scoop of NeuroActiv6 with your favorite smoothie or water. Drink the mixture daily to maintain a healthy body.

This special formula has been extensively tested in clinical studies and may help you think more quickly, calmly, and clearly. 

How does NeuroActiv6 Work?

NeuroActiv6 is a promising program that promises to reverse the signs of aging and improve your brain's performance. These methods are directly linked to the direct impact they have on BDNF, a neuro-protein that is essential for maintaining healthy and new neurons.

Second, increasing creation of a neurotransmitter called citicoline could boost brain metabolism and fuel cognitive functions. It can also increase brain membrane construction and improve brain energy and performance.

Thirdly, reduce oxidative stresses by providing dietary components such as sensoril and Ashwagandha. This will support an ageing brain, encourage calmness, relaxation, decrease anxiety, improve memory and learning, and finally, maintain healthy cortisol to minimize occasional stress, fatigue and irritability. By promoting neuronal communications through polyphenols in the brain, neurons may be able to communicate more effectively, leading them to have a sharper, faster mind.

In order to support healthy cortisol levels, lower oxidative stress, increase BDNF levels and promote "neural communication"--the process by which neurons communicate with one another more effectively--NeuroActiv6 is a specially formulated product that contains polyphenol compounds, bioactive ingredients, and nootropics.

Best of all, our scientifically-proven doses have been combined into one comprehensive, nutritious and delectable drink mix for your convenience; saving you from taking multiple pills or supplements daily in order to get the same result. 

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Ingredients Of NeuroActiv6?

NeuroActiv6 contains ingredients that can improve brain function. 



This herb boosts your immune system and helps you fight inflammation. It also makes you feel more youthful and robust.


Turmeric is used in many dietary supplements due to its powerful effects. Turmeric helps to maintain healthy levels of inflammation in the body. This spice also helps to remove cholesterol from the body, resulting in a healthier you.

Coffee Fruit Extract

The coffee fruit is rich in Polyphenols, which are responsible for boosting levels of BDNF – the protein that controls brain entrainment. Coffee Fruit Extract and other neuronutrients play a crucial role in neuronal recovery.


Citicoline protects brain neurons from damage and improves nerve transmission. It helps in the production and transmission of neurotransmitters.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed protects cells against premature death and inflammation. It also increases longevity and immune function of many organs.

Fruit and Vegetable Blend

NeuroActiv6 also contains a variety of other fruits and vegetables. These ingredients are synergistic and work together to give you the mental edge needed to be on top of your game.


60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Each order comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If anything goes wrong you can contact them to receive a refund of the full amount within 180 days after purchasing this product.

A 60-day money back guarantee is included with the purchase of a dietary supplement. Money-back guarantees show the creators believe in their products. They reduce the risk for their clients by offering a flexible policy of return.

You can ask for a full refund if you are not happy with the results of NeuroActive6.

Benefits Of NeuroActiv6?

NeuroActiv6 is more than just a nootropic. The product promises a variety of benefits. 

  • Improve memory: You remember the birthday of your sister! NeuroActiv6 has benefits that go beyond physical health. NeuroActiv6 increases your academic ability. The examination is revealed in another window. The human brain needs to be nourished to remain alert and focused throughout the day, as it shows that memory is more intense. Remember that you'll always remember endorphins that were released today, tomorrow and the next day.
  • Improved sleep: The product promotes healthy brain development and psychological well-being by promoting brain energy growth. Now you'll get a better quality of sleep. Exploration opens a new window. After using this product, you will feel motivated and energized. Your sleep will also improve.
  • NeuroActiv6 helps you learn new skills: The brain is stimulated in a variety of ways by learning a new skill. Your memory is the most important aspect as you gain new skills and partner things in unexpected ways. You will stretch your intellect and give it a rest by learning Shakespeare, cooking, and making a plane from toothpicks.
  • Exercise to improve your brain function: Exercise can also be a good way to train your brain. Your body movements should train your mind to develop new muscle abilities, detect distance and maintain balance. Select a variety mental exercises to stimulate the brain.
  • NeuroActiv6 is a brain-forming product: It is becoming a habit to prepare your mind. Classes, websites and books offer programs that will help you prepare your brain to work more quickly and efficiently. Memory, perception and thought are still the most important standards, despite all of the research done on these topics. To keep your mind ready for any situation, work on these concepts every day.

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ZCleanse Frequently Asked Questions

You should take one scoop (approximately 5.8g) of the supplement and consume. The way this product should be taken is not indicated. 

Three bottles are available for only $129.99. Six bottles are available for $229.99, but this does not include shipping. 

The formula is fully refundable if it's returned within 60-days of the purchase date. 

The supplement is not available for free on the market. You can only buy the formula. 

What Happens When You Click The “Buy Now" Button?

You will be directed to a secure checkout page once you click the "Buy Now' button below this text. Enter your details and instantly access the entire NeuroActiv6 Supplement. 


How secure is my credit card information on your website?

We are committed to protecting your online privacy. NeuroActiv6 are not available for purchase without a valid credit card. You can also rely on Clickbank’s excellent reputation and extensive experience in online transactions in order to safeguard your purchase.

NeuroActiv6 Pricing:

NeuroActiv6 can be purchased on the official website for a discounted price:

You will pay $49.95 plus shipping for one bottle.
3 bottles cost $43.33 plus shipping.
6 bottles cost $38.33 including shipping.

On these orders, you may be required to pay a small shipping fee. The company also offers a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days. If the Cleanse doesn't work for you, then you can request a full refund. It is a low-risk investment in a healthy lifestyle.

NeuroActiv6 Refund Policy:

If you're not satisfied with the NeuroActiv6 or if you feel that this product is unsatisfactory in any other way, NeuroActiv6 will refund your money within 60 days. You only need to contact their customer support. You will receive a refund regardless of whether or not you have emptied your bottle.

You have two full months to give your opinion on the Cleanse supplement. This product is not subject to any hidden fees or subscriptions.

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